Reduce your marketing acquisition costs
and better communicate by empowering employee advocacy

What we do

We use employee email signature to amplify the reach of company content


Marketing - reduce your acquisition costs

A 100 employee company can generates 15,000 outside connections

10,000 emails sent a year

Each employee sends around 30 emails a day, meaning 10,000 a year

3 million views

A 100 employee company sends 1M emails a year which generates 3 million views

15,000 outside connections

A 100 employee company generates 15,000 outside connections based on a CTR of 0.5%. 3M views x 0.5% = 15K

HR - Better communicate Internally

Use 'we advocacy' to promote internal campaigns

recruit campaign

Team building internal awards


Leave a positive brand impression with every email sent

Take control of employee signatures and update them automatically

100% of signatures are consistent and aligned with your brand image

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