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Every day, many emails are sent by companies to their prospects and their customers. It is a means of communication simple and fast. If the content of the email is often written with care, it is not always the same with regard to the electronic signature. However, it is an integral part of the message and can be formidable efficiency in the relationship between customers and prospects. How to create a mail signature that facilitates contacts according to your objectives? Our advices.

Look after your email signature to perfect your brand image

Neither posts on social networks nor SMS and other applications have dethroned the mail. It remains the preferred communication tool of companies to address their targets.
The email signature is as important as the content of the message. It is with her that one takes leave of the addressee and it is important to leave it leaving him a good impression if one wants to establish a durable and followed relation.
The signature email of each employee carries with it the image of the company, its credibility and professionalism. It is therefore better to take time to refine your email signature and stand out favorably from the competitors who often themselves too little exploit this commercial opportunity.

Transform your email signature into a communication medium

Email signing is not just a way to end your message. This is an opportunity to start a new business relationship or to go further in the one already established with the recipient of the message.
Because the signature mail is not a simple institutional communication. In addition to your name and the logo of your company, it can be considered as a great communication tool, easy to use and visible at a lower cost.
It is a question of taking advantage of the mails sent by the collaborators to relay the campaigns of communication, to give an incentive character to the mails, to engage the contact with a call to action rather than a simple information received in a passive way by the customer or prospect.
The other advantage of using the mail as a communication campaign is that the message can be adapted to the target. Business services are aimed at prospects, while back office services are aimed at customers or suppliers, and HR communicates internally … Everyone has a target, so everyone has to customize and target their email signature according to the profile of its recipients.
Customizing the communication relayed by each employee in his email signature allows you to make your employees ambassadors, facilitating leads and the achievement of corporate objectives.

Well write his email signature

Writing a mail signature that facilitates contact does not require much time, but rigor.

Two words for the signature mail: precise and concise

The mail signature must be short, which does not mean that it can not be rich in useful information for your recipient. Ideally, it is best to stick to four lines maximum. Which is neither too much nor too little to be effective and engaging.

Harmony in the service of visual identity

Harmonizing employee email signatures helps to establish the company’s visual identity. Because the mail signature often includes an image and colors. It is better to control the communication by respecting the graphic chart of the company. The too original signatures would lose consistency, could destabilize the recipient and question the credibility of the company and the collaborator.
The visual is always very important. Inserting an image into a mail signature allows better visibility and better storage of the information communicated.


Of course, the signature mail must take contact details. But not all the coordinates. The first name and the name of the collaborator are the first information to mention. Its function and the name, logo or address of the company’s website are also essential. If applicable, the telephone number may also be mentioned.
Few employees do not register their email address in their electronic signature. Yet this information is completely useless here. An e-mail has just been sent to the recipient, so he will have to know the e-mail address of the sender.

Social networks

Communicating social network sharing icons in a mail signature is extremely important. This allows collaborative engagement. Each employee potentially becomes a communicator. Because social networks are very busy, and no doubt that the company communicates regularly, according to its digital strategy. The prospect or the customer may want to consult the company’s page for more information.

Call to action

Inserting a call to action under a signature mail is usually extremely powerful, provided that you have targeted the campaign relayed. The lead generation rate by this means is not negligible, and with very little effort.
There are many ways to insert a call to action: offer a free download on a guide related to the activity of the company, offer a meeting, a quiz or a webinar …

Refresh your email signature regularly

It is essential to provide up-to-date information to the recipients. It is therefore strongly recommended that you regularly take a few minutes to check that the email signature is up to date, as regards the contact details as the relayed communication campaign and the call to action.

Beware of spelling

It is very important to read again, even on this part. A typo can have serious consequences. It is advisable to be attentive and to check scrupulously the spelling, the syntax, the grammar.
Daily, dozens of emails are sent by each employee of the company. Each outgoing mail represents a cost to the company. It is therefore important to make the most of it. Taking care of your signature easily opens commercial opportunities, qualified leads and optimizes the relationship between the collaborator – customer / prospect.

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