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Relationship marketing understands that customer satisfaction is a real challenge for the company. Efforts are therefore focused partly on the customer experience. On what basis can companies measure customer satisfaction? Response elements.

What is customer satisfaction?

Developing a customer satisfaction strategy is a major part of the relationship marketing business. However, the limits of such a concept remain unclear. This is because the very notion of satisfaction is very variable from one consumer to another, each having their own desires, expectations, needs and feelings.

Customer satisfaction can be defined as the absence of a difference between a customer’s expectations and his perception of the service rendered. The closer these two items are, the more satisfied the client will be. He will then be the most likely to be loyal and make the recommendation around him.

It is therefore important for companies to know their targets well, to refine their strategies accordingly, in particular by personalizing their customer approach as much as possible. Beyond offers and services, it is about offering a customer experience that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Why measure customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction is important because it has an undeniable snowball effect, which is better controlled.

Indeed, the more satisfied a customer is, the more likely he is to call the company again. He will also have more desire to share his contentment with his relational networks. But cooptation is the strategy that allows the best rate of transformation, to conquer market shares at lower cost. Good customer satisfaction is therefore generating revenue and leads for the company.

On the other hand, an unsatisfied or even dissatisfied customer will also want to let them know. The customer satisfaction measure makes it possible to prevent, anticipate and better manage a possible bad buzz.

Knowing the degree of satisfaction of its customers allows to develop its customer service, but also to refine its relationship marketing strategy in the service of its brand image and reputation. It is an aid to strategic decision-making.

How to evaluate customer satisfaction: the best indicators

To satisfy their customers and develop their business, companies deploy elaborate, sophisticated and costly strategies. This is for them to offer a minimum customer experience to meet their expectations. It is important for companies to be able to evaluate the results of their strategies and to know the return on investment, given the time, the number of employees and the money raised. To measure customer satisfaction, several indicators are available to businesses.

The satisfaction questionnaires: the ultimate tool

The satisfaction survey is a must. It can take many forms, depending on the subject to be evaluated.

The NPS: Net Promoter Score

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a measure of customer engagement, its propensity to promote the company, its products and services to loved ones. The NPS is in the form of a graduated scale from 1 to 10, with a single question on the recommendation.

The CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)

It is a question of asking clearly the question to its customers as to their degree of satisfaction, by submitting them a limited number of closed questions, with multiple choice answers.

CES (Customer Effort Score)

The CES (Customer Effort Score) aims to evaluate the efforts made by the client to obtain satisfaction. The more the client has had to mobilize resources, do research, go back and forth to access information, the less the result will be beneficial for the company.

The rate of redemption

It aims to evaluate a customer’s intention to renew their purchase. This satisfaction survey is normally submitted very shortly after a purchase, so that the customer shares his feeling hot.
The measurement of customer satisfaction is a carrier of very valuable information for the company. The data collected is at the heart of the company’s strategy, provided that it is properly exploited.

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