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The email signature is a powerful channel for your customer satisfaction surveys

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Nowadays, thousands of people connect each day on their mailboxes, so the mail remains a privileged channel to disseminate your satisfaction survey. For more originality in the distribution and sharing of your various satisfaction surveys you can opt for the signature mail as a new channel through an email banner or a pop-up.

This method represents an excellent alternative and thus increases the visibility by arousing the curiosity and interest of your targets. As a result, this results in better returns for your surveys or questionnaires. However, even if the format of the mail signature is adequate to differentiate itself, it is necessary to always treat the mail that accompanies your banner so that the recipient adheres to your approach and thus generate the expected results.
We will see in detail why the email signature is a powerful channel for your customer surveys.

The first email communication channel of the company

In France, the number of emails sent per day exceeds 1.4 billion. This corresponds to an average of 40 emails from each collaborator. Email is undoubtedly the main communication channel in the company.

Although we are witnessing the rise of social networks, email remains a direct means of communication that is customizable. It is a kind of trust channel between the company and the recipients. Timeless tool, email is a way through which the company can invite customers to discover its products without deploying large means.

For an inbound marketing or loyalty campaign, email and specifically the email signature with a banner is one of the best tools that will allow you to successfully broadcast your web content. The email banner has several advantages as already mentioned: more visibility for your campaigns and more involvement from your targets.

An important point lies in the visual of your banner which must be attractive and professional to make envy recipients who feel then more valued and committed to the process.

Look after the email that accompanies your email survey banner

The email that must accompany your satisfaction survey must be well developed so that recipients are more enthusiastic to respond to your satisfaction survey.

Customers receive countless emails a day and it will be necessary to stand out so that your email is in the line of your approach of customer engagement.

One of the first rules is to ensure that the email is not long or you are unlikely to be read by users. In addition, you must take into account the fact that most Internet users use their smartphones to read e-mails.

With regard to the content, you can be transparent in your objectives and explain the subject clearly to your targets. The subject of the email may be in the form of a question to create a first interaction and captivate the user.

Once you have developed your email, you can still perform several tests, and even the method of A / B testing to ultimately develop the best combination. The tests will increase the chances of your mail and your poll being opened. It is also important to tell the user why this email was sent to him for the sake of compliance and transparency.