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The role of internal communication for your customer relations

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The role of internal communication usually seems secondary, and very few business leaders gave it a particular interest. The latter did not see the importance of giving time and energy to the employees of a company. same company appreciate, communicate and exchange freely between them.

Yet communication within a company is one of the main pillars of its success.
It is indeed this which is at the base of the exchange and the conviviality in a company, and it would be unthinkable today to launch a start-up without worrying about this aspect. If the principle that we have just stated may today seem obvious to everyone, it is often misunderstood and misunderstood.

That’s exactly why we decided to write this article. We want to highlight the role of internal communication so that it is never again underestimated.

The importance of internal corporate communication

To illustrate the importance of the role of internal communication in business, nothing is more relevant than to refer to the most egregious example in the field: Google. Indeed, the American giant has, since its inception, understood the importance of well-being at work, so that this issue is central to their corporate values.

Thus, Google has implemented a whole system of recruitment and supervision to improve the quality of work days of its employees. Indeed, many studies, theoretical as well as empirical, have proved that a happy employee is an employee who works longer, and in a more qualitative way! This corporate culture focused on the well-being of employees is now a reference worldwide, and many cadors around the world want to be recruited by Google.

You would have understood it ; a company with a corporate culture conducive to the personal development of its employees and excellent internal communication can claim very satisfactory results.

The corporate culture, an engine for your relationship marketing

At this point, we have seen that the role of internal communication is above all to increase the potential of your employees, and therefore significantly increase your turnover. We have also explained how internal communication and corporate culture are two closely related principles, but it remains to be seen how this can help your relationship marketing gain insight into efficiency.

For those who do not know what the term “relationship marketing” refers to, it’s just about how your business will connect with its customers.
In this part, we will see that the corporate culture is indeed a formidable weapon to create strong relationships with your customers. The reason for this is very simple, since it calls for the foundation of business creation.

When you start your business, it’s important to define “people” in advance – that is, the typical customer profiles you want to reach. So, if your corporate culture perfectly matches the thinking of your people, and reflects the values ​​of your people, it is obvious that a bond of trust will be created between you and your customers. Here is precisely the role of internal communication, and even more so of the internal culture of a company: these are the engines of your relationship marketing.

By neglecting these aspects, you risk getting an inconsistent result between you, the vision of your employees, and your customers. And we know that consistency is the cornerstone of any business that works!

This article about the role of internal communication in your company for your customer relationships is now complete. We hope that it will have brought to light points that you were not necessarily aware of, or that it will have reinforced convictions already acquired.

Internal Communication

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