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Top 5 best techniques for generating qualified leads

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Generating qualified leads is the number one goal for sales and marketing teams. Before anything else, you need to know that the turnover of a company depends directly on it. Lead generation aims to detect potential customers and to connect with them to convert them eventually into buyer. Several techniques exist to achieve this.

We explain everything about how to generate qualified leads.

Association between outbound marketing and inbound marketing

An inbound marketing approach should never rule out another marketing strategy. On the contrary, she must complete it. In reality, too many marketers tend to oppose outbound and inbound marketing head-on. This is a mistake because it is actually two effective strategies to get in touch with your suspects, that is your prospects.

How to develop an Outbound Marketing Strategy?

Outbound marketing is a context in which the company engages with the potential customer. This can include a TV ad, an Internet ad, a press advertisement, or even phone prospecting.

In all cases, the goal is to make your brand known and to convert the target as a buyer as quickly as possible.

How to develop an Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Conversely, in an inbound marketing process, it is the potential customer who comes to the company. To do this, it can offer forms to retrieve data, create call to action on web pages or offer personalized advertising. Providing quality information is also an important requirement in inbound marketing.

In the end, you must remember that the combination of these two marketing strategies always maximizes the generation of qualified leads.

Generate more traffic

The traffic issue is a major driver of your new customer acquisition strategy. It is obvious that a site with few visitors will generate a low number of leads.
Increasing the traffic of a page or an entire site firstly assumes to work correctly its SEO and also to have at the base a powerful site.

Improving your SEO will allow your pages to be better positioned on the web. The direct consequence is to gain visibility, to have more traffic and therefore to be able to correctly exploit your tools of qualified lead generation.

Retain leads and lead a relational strategy

Retention of prospects with a lead nurturing strategy takes time. This technique consists of building a personalized relationship between the prospect and the brand. The company needs to communicate with the potential customer in an almost intimate way. It goes without saying that she must learn before knowing it to build bonds of trust.

In concrete terms, the more precise your typology of buyer persona or persona marketing is, the better your lead nurturing is.

Newsletter creation

The newsletter is both a technique and a tool for generating qualified leads. Your message may have a purely informative purpose or offer promotional offers for your products.

On arrival, the goal of a newsletter or email marketing campaign is always to make the prospect want to contact your brand.