Internal Communication

Establishment of the internal communication plan of your company

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The feeling of belonging that employees feel towards the company is a key factor in its success. Entrepreneurship allows emulation. This emanates from a successful internal communication strategy. How to build the internal communication plan in a company? The essential steps.

The challenges of internal communication

Internal communication is at least as important as external communication for a company. The stakes are multiple.
Communicating well with employees allows them to feel more informed and to better understand the company’s strategy. It allows them to understand their role in the business project. The feeling of belonging is born, as well as the team spirit.
Internal communication is also a great tool for the retention of human resources by uniting teams around common objectives. For example, internal surveys are perfect for gathering feedback from employees in real time. This information is useful for ensuring a peaceful social climate. It is also the ideal tool to involve employees in the life of the company.
The ultimate challenge, which depends in part on achieving these goals, is that the company performs and meets its challenges.

Define the target audience and involve your teams

Every employee in the company is involved in internal communication. In turn, everyone can be either the source of information or the target of the message. In either case, internal communication is therefore implying.
Thus, a collaborator or a service can be brought to light, his missions and his projects explained to all, his interactions with the other services explained. The interactions between each other are better understood, which decompartmentalizes, gives impetus, increases the desire to succeed. Corporate events can also be relayed to extend the motivation that emerges.
Depending on the objective, target employees may be different.

Determine goals based on target audience

The internal communication must arouse the interest of the collaborators. They must find useful information, easily and quickly. This communication is therefore concise, just like an internal briefing note. It must not be perceived as time-consuming, at the risk of going against its objective.

Define your budget dedicated to corporate communication

Quality must be at the rendezvous to reflect the brand image of the company, both in terms of content and in form and media. Internal communication is therefore a cost for the company. It must be entered in the annual budget.

Establish communication strategy, message and schedule

As with any other form of communication, improvisation has no place in internal communication. It is necessary to define an internal communication plan, a strategy. To be successful, internal communication must be regular, varied and rich. The content must be clear and understandable, the support adapted to the target. A retro-schedule makes it possible to foresee the deadlines and to demaximize the impact of the message.

Define internal channels and tools

Communicating with company employees requires multiple channels. Indeed, according to the missions of each, the internal tool on which the message will be most visible will differ. If salespeople still have their smartphones and email at hand, making the newsletter practical, it is not the same for all employees. Internal communication must therefore be able to be multi-channel to fully fulfill its objectives.
Internal communication with its employees is an issue for the company. She is at the heart of all the attention. Because of it depends the attainment of the fixed objectives and the health of the company.

Internal Communication

Build a new relationship between your company and your collaborators