Put people back at the heart of the company’s strategies

we advocacy allows you to accelerate your digital transformation in the service of your internal communication. Our tools allow you to communicate with and through your employees by including them in corporate communication. From pop-ups to notifications to email signature, we offer a wide range of possibilities. Our solution ensures that your employees will receive the information and open it to read it. Communication is often the poor relation of human resources when it is a way to revitalize your teams and create a feeling of belonging.


Creation of we advocacy: an ergonomic and efficient solution to help companies in their digital communication.


we advocacy is raising funds of € 1.2 million to accelerate its development.


we advocacy envisions international development.

Founded by two Capgemini alumni, Thomas Artiguebieille and Samuel Leblond, we advocacy is a start-up whose objective is to put people back at the heart of the company’s strategies. Thomas and Samuel are not on their first try. They founded and supported several companies, all of which were sold. we advocacy is the latest in a long series: a concentrate of ingenuity and technological genius skilfully blended with ease of use.

The we advocacy solution makes it possible to facilitate contacts in the company. we advocacy is the result of a simple observation: meaning is often lacking in large groups. For employees, this translates into a glaring lack of productivity and determination to carry out their missions and achieve their objectives. Concretely, large groups lose millions of euros each year due to the lack of commitment of their teams.

The source of this lack of commitment is the lack of communication companies have with their employees. Often, employees do not understand their company’s strategy, the choices of managers and the orientations decided upon. Our tools allow you to advertise and share your latest news with your employees and keep them informed of the latest developments.

The start-up spirit is above all innovation. In the current context, no company can grow over the long term without placing innovation at the heart of its development and strategic vision. Changing its methods, adapting to the latest innovations and creating new products by directing employees in this direction, this is the ambition of we advocacy.

we advocacy is the product of this desire to bring a little start-up spirit to large groups, to enable them to become more agile and lean. During their professional careers, our co-founders have found that people are often lacking in large groups. Determined to bring the start-up spirit to large groups, they set up we advocacy a company in their image: innovative, innovative and revolutionary. Their entrepreneurial adventure embraces the latest business trends, particularly this demand to put people back at the heart of the business.

we advocacy is incubated in the heart of the capital of the Alps, Grenoble. We reconcile business with people and technology. The goal: to facilitate the flow of information within the company and guarantee optimal performance. We seek to streamline and simplify the transmission of information within companies in order to lead to more agile companies.

Our values

01. Innovation

Creativity requires the courage to let go of one’s certainties.

02. Passion

The vocation to have his profession for passion.

03. Customer Oriented

The company is elected every day by its customers.

05. Commitment

The loyalty of a customer is never acquired, it is earned every day.

06. Reliability

If there is no solution, there are no problems.

07. Well being at work

We invest in smiling and it works.

Change the way you communicate

Maximize the dissemination of information by involving your teams and measure the impact of your internal and external communication campaigns.