Why is our corporate email signature solution of interest to marketing teams?

we advocacy is the right solution for marketing teams because it allows, in just a few clicks, to deploy uniform and professional email signatures for all employees and to use their numerous email exchanges as a communication opportunity.

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Email, an essential channel for marketing teams

In the current context where we communicate mainly remotely, email remains more than ever the main communication channel with more than 40 emails sent on average per employee per day.

It is therefore essential to have professional communication through this channel which is unfortunately not always the case. In fact, 35% of employee email signatures do not comply with the charter defined by the company.

In addition, when they are well mastered, email signatures can be a very powerful communication medium for conveying any type of message: announcements/offers, newsletters, competitions, events, etc.

Thanks to we advocacy, you will be able to easily and centrally manage all of your employees’ email signatures.

The main benefits of using we advocacy for marketing teams

Strengthen your brand image

The digital explosion has led to a change in consumer behavior with a multiplication of channels and media: prospects and customers are hyper-connected, more informed and very demanding.

We advocacy allows you to benefit from chartered and uniform email signatures in just a few clicks and thus maximize your brand image with your customers.

Transform your employees into ambassadors of your brand

Innovation is at the heart of successful businesses.

We advocacy allows you to communicate in an innovative and unique way by involving your teams in the promotion of your products and content.

Capitalize on the strong relationships they build on a daily basis with your prospects and customers

Measure the effectiveness of your actions in real time

With the we advocacy solution, you have access to the statistics of your communication campaigns: an ideal functionality for measuring their effectiveness.

Analyze the number of views, number of clicks and click-through rate and adjust your marketing strategy in real time based on the results observed.

All features

 Centralize the management of your email signatures

Strengthen your brand image by having consistent signatures for all of your employees.

 Plan your banner campaigns

Amplify your communication by adding banners under your employees’ email signatures.


Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns with your employees by analyzing the number of views, clicks and click-through rates.

 Deploy in just a few clicks

we advocacy is integrated with the main platforms, which allows for simplified deployment.


Manage your online communication using a simple and ergonomic interface.

 Support & customer service

Benefit from support and assistance throughout your project.

Read our customer testimonials

“Since the implementation, services have asked me to get their message across in turn!”

Jean Philippe Ferrier
Group Marketing Director

“In 2 words: we advocacy is a reactive and digital solution. I’m super happy with the tool.”

Johanna Arnault
Communication Officer

“I find the we advocacy solution very relevant, particularly for a company like ours.”

Julien Fambrini
Marketing Director

Increase employee engagement by opting for a multi-channel strategy