Why is our multi-channel internal communication solution of interest to communication teams?

we advocacy is the right solution for communication teams because it is easy to use but above all it offers a multi-channel internal communication strategy which makes it possible to reach 100% of employees in a few minutes.

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Teleworking since the Covid crisis has become the norm for many companies

The covid crisis has profoundly changed the way companies work.

Indeed, teleworking has become the norm. Companies have therefore been forced to rethink their internal communication to maintain team cohesion and maximize their commitment.

In this context, it has become crucial to disseminate the right information to employees at the right time and, above all, to ensure that it has been seen and read by them. Indeed, too often employees miss important information.

This is the challenge of our solution, which ensures that priority content is seen and read by more than 90% of employees.

The main advantages of using we advocacy for communication teams

Boost the adoption of your intranet (Digital Workplace)

The Intranet is an essential tool for company life and internal cohesion.

It allows you to share and group information (white papers, best practices, etc.), collaborate or access business applications.

Unfortunately, only 40% of employees on average regularly connect to the intranet.

With we advocacy, you can now promote important content on your Intranet by highlighting it using desktop and mobile notifications and thus maximize its adoption.

Your intranet becomes a real exchange platform.

Reduce your employees’ mailboxes

An employee can receive up to 88 emails per day. And how many are actually open?

With we advocacy, demonstrate digital sobriety by sharing your internal information differently, fluidly and efficiently.

The environmental issues are major. According to ADEME, with an average of 30 emails sent daily, this represents nearly 330 kg of CO2 emissions per person per year.

No longer put aside your employees who are mobile or without digital identity

Au bureau ou sur le terrain, vous pouvez désormais communiquer avec tous vos employés en même temps.


In the office or in the field, you can now communicate with all your employees at the same time.

In fact, information thanks to we advocacy is now broadcast simultaneously on your employees’ PCs or mobiles:

  • By sending text messages
  • By installing the we advocacy mobile application available on Google Play and on Appstore

Benefit from your own mobile application

we advocacy offers you the opportunity to strengthen your corporate identity thanks to its “white label” functionality.

If you wish, you can personalize a mobile application in your company colors: the perfect solution to strengthen your brand image!

All features

 Communicate effectively

Change the way you communicate with your teams by using desktop and mobile notifications. More than 90% of employees read the information and 30% interact with it.

 Share with all employees

Share information with all of your employees, whether they are connected or disconnected.

 Interact with your employees

Regularly solicit the opinion of your employees and initiate a process of continuous improvement.

 Deploy in just a few clicks

we advocacy is integrated with the main platforms, which allows for simplified deployment.


Manage your internal communication using a simple and ergonomic interface.

 Support & customer service

Benefit from support and assistance throughout your project.

Read our customer testimonials

“Since the implementation, services have asked me to get their message across in turn!”

Jean Philippe Ferrier
Group Marketing Director

“In 2 words: we advocacy is a reactive and digital solution. I’m super happy with the tool.”

Johanna Arnault
Communication Officer

“I find the we advocacy solution very relevant, particularly for a company like ours.”

Julien Fambrini
Marketing Director

Increase employee engagement by opting for a multi-channel strategy