Internal newsletter offer

Opt for an innovative approach and discover the content of our internal newsletter offer


Design your newsletters integrated into your favorite Digital Workplace in just a few clicks

From €0,50

per user per month

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Implement an innovative and modern approach to design and distribute your newsletter

Thanks to we advocacy, easily design your newsletters and share them in an innovative way using a multi-channel approach.

Easily and effortlessly deploy the solution with integrations to platforms like Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Feature list

Plan your different newsletters

Design your corporate newsletters in just a few clicks

 Submit your content (text, images, buttons, links) using drag and drop

 Automatically add content from your Digital Workplace (Powell Software, Sharepoint, Lumapps)

 Incorporate mini-surveys (smileys, stars, likes, photos) with the possibility of leaving a comment

Choose your distribution channels

Reach 100% of your employees by opting for a multi-channel approach

 Ability to share information by email

 Possibility of sharing information by popup

 Ability to share information by text messages

 Ability to share information via mobile notification

 Ability to assign a default channel to each employee

Get advanced analytics

 Tracking unique views and view rate

 Tracking the number of clicks and click-through rate

 Access the responses from different surveys and analysis of comments submitted

 Ability to export results in CSV format

Deploy in just a few clicks

 O365 and Google Workspace synchronization

 No training necessary for all employees

 Support for technical and functional teams for rapid implementation of the solution


Manage your online communication with a simple and ergonomic interface

 2FA authentication to access the administration console

 Managing groups and users

 Possibility of delegating part of the administration

 Role management

Support & customer service

Benefit from support and assistance throughout your project

 Ticketing platform

 Support by email or telephone (optional) Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

 Dedicated project manager to answer all your questions (optional)

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