Regularly measure the satisfaction of your employees using internal surveys and HR barometers

we advocacy offers you a set of internal surveys to allow you to regularly take the pulse of your employees: mini-surveys, surveys, HR barometers.


Set up mini-surveys to get immediate feedback on your internal communications

Add mini surveys in the form of smileys, stars, notes, likes in just a few clicks and benefit from immediate feedback on the information shared. Your colleagues also have the possibility to add comments.


Create your surveys and take a one-off opinion on a particular subject

Design interactive surveys by combining different types of questions (MCQ, yes/no, check box, text entry, etc.). Analyze the responses in detail according to the type of profile in the company, departments, locations, etc.

HR Barometers

Carry out regular monitoring of your teams thanks to the implementation of an HR barometer

Access our library of questions and design your HR barometer in just a few minutes. This barometer will quickly become an essential tool for continuous improvement and the satisfaction of your teams.

Multi-channel approach

Increase participation rates with a multi-channel communications strategy

Optimize the distribution of your surveys by sending it to each employee’s preferred channel.

Several channels are available to you:

  • Popups that appear directly on your PC
  • Emais
  • Text messages
  • Mobile notifications

Read our customer testimonials

“Since the implementation, services have asked me to get their message across in turn!”

Jean Philippe Ferrier
Group Marketing Director

“In 2 words: we advocacy is a reactive and digital solution. I’m super happy with the tool.”

Johanna Arnault
Communication Officer

“I find the we advocacy solution very relevant, particularly for a company like ours.”

Julien Fambrini
Marketing Director

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