Why is our multichannel internal communication solution of interest to HR teams?

we advocacy is the right solution for HR teams because it is easy to use but above all it offers a multi-channel internal communication strategy which makes it possible to reach 100% of employees and engage them more.

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HR teams often need to speak up

HR teams regularly need to share information with employees on many subjects: leave, expense reports, regulatory compliance, etc.

They must also create and maintain a strong company culture that encourages employee collaboration, motivation and engagement.

Thanks to we advocacy, HR teams have an innovative and modern solution to ensure that information circulates well with employees.

The main advantages of using we advocacy for HR teams

Distribute the information you want

We advocacy offers you a powerful tool, which will allow you to simplify your administrative work. From now on, avoid sharing messages that will not be taken into account.

Make sure they are readable

Send your recipients a mobile or web notification so that they can enter their expense report, for example: the information is directly received and read. No need to constantly remind your employees!

Communicate effectively on HR news useful to your employees

Whether it’s training plans, job changes or even internal mobility, contact your team members without difficulty.

An effective solution that will allow your employees to be informed in real time of HR news from your company.

Notify of the arrival of new employees in a few clicks

To prepare for the onboarding of new entrants in the best conditions, notify your employees of their arrivals.

An ideal integration process, which will allow recruits to feel directly included in the company, and veterans to welcome them properly.

All features

 Communicate effectively

Change the way you communicate with your teams by using desktop and mobile notifications. More than 90% of employees read the information and 30% interact with it.

 Share with all employees

Share information with all of your employees, whether they are connected or disconnected.

 Interact with your employees

Regularly solicit the opinion of your employees and initiate a process of continuous improvement.

 Deploy in just a few clicks

we advocacy is integrated with the main platforms, which allows for simplified deployment.


Manage your internal communication using a simple and ergonomic interface.

 Support & customer service

Benefit from support and assistance throughout your project.

Read our customer testimonials

“Since the implementation, services have asked me to get their message across in turn!”

Jean Philippe Ferrier
Group Marketing Director

“In 2 words: we advocacy is a reactive and digital solution. I’m super happy with the tool.”

Johanna Arnault
Communication Officer

“I find the we advocacy solution very relevant, particularly for a company like ours.”

Julien Fambrini
Marketing Director

Increase employee engagement by opting for a multi-channel strategy