Reach 100% of your employees by choosing multi-channel internal communication

we advocacy strengthens your company’s communication with all your employees, even those working remotely, through the use of a multi-channel internal communication strategy

74% of employees complain about poor communication

Within companies, solutions such as intranets or corporate social networks are put in place to facilitate communication.

Unfortunately, too often many employees complain about not being kept up to date with important news.

Multi-channel internal communications solution

Send your messages on your employees’ favorite channel

Associate each employee with a preferred channel. The latter will only receive information on their favorite channel. The available channels are:

  • Popups
  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Mobile notifications

Popup channel

The popup channel is the ideal channel for employees working at headquarters

The popup appears directly on the employee’s PC when they log in in the morning. This format ensures that the user sees the information shared by the company.

More than 90% of employees now see the information highlighted.

Text message channel

The text message channel is the ideal channel for unconnected employees

Text message remains the number one choice for non-digitalized employees. Its simplicity and universal accessibility make it the perfect tool for quickly transmitting essential information, ensuring smooth communication, even without Internet access.

Mobile application channel

we advocacy provides a mobile application

Do you have a mobile fleet? Deploy the we advocacy mobile application and allow employees to receive your messages directly on their phone through mobile notifications.

The application is available on  Google Play and on AppStore.

Email channel

Our solution also allows you to send information by email

Email remains an essential tool for sharing information in internal communication. Its ease of use and ability to reach a wide audience make it an effective way to disseminate messages and thus promote effective and consistent communication within your organization.

Track your performance

Track the impact of your communications in real time using advanced indicators

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns with your employees by analyzing the number of views, clicks, click-through rates and identify the channels that are the most effective.

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“Since the implementation, services have asked me to get their message across in turn!”

Jean Philippe Ferrier
Group Marketing Director

“In 2 words: we advocacy is a reactive and digital solution. I’m super happy with the tool.”

Johanna Arnault
Communication Officer

“I find the we advocacy solution very relevant, particularly for a company like ours.”

Julien Fambrini
Marketing Director

Augmentez l'engagement de vos collaborateurs en optant pour une stratégie multicanal