Create and deploy professional and consistent corporate email signatures

we advocacy offers a powerful communication tool that centrally manages the corporate email signatures of all your employees and adds targeted marketing banners to relay your news. Your employees thus benefit from uniform and professional email signatures.

Intégration complète avec Google Workspace & Microsoft 365

Uniform email signatures

Strengthen your brand image

Improve your brand image by deploying professional, standardized signatures in just a few clicks. Thanks to we advocacy, you can now make your emails a real communication lever and strengthen your corporate identity.

Targeted marketing banners

Amplify your communication

Add banners, designed with Canva, under your teams’ email signatures and maximize the impact of your communication. Your employees thus become your best ambassadors.

  • Benefit from click-through rates of 3% on average
  • 100% of employees are aware of the news pushed by your company
  • 88% of employees favor this new method of communication

Internal/external email signatures

Personalize your emails according to your recipients

Adapt your communication to your interlocutors, thanks to the creation of personalized email signatures. Create as many signatures as you want depending on your recipients. We advocacy offers you the opportunity to maximize both your internal and external communication.

Analyze your performance

Monitor the performance of your banner campaigns in real time

Measure the effectiveness of your different banner campaigns by analyzing the number of views, the number of clicks and the click-through rate.

Solution integrated with Microsoft and Google

Quickly deploy the solution

Benefit from rapid deployment of our solution thanks to daily synchronization of our solution with your environment. Our solution is compatible with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Thanks to this native integration, your employees’ information is regularly and automatically updated.

Read our customer testimonials

“The we advocacy platform allows us to communicate about our offers and get clear statistical feedback.”

Célimène Lamy
Marketing manager

“With the we advocacy solution, updating a signature or a banner takes barely 3 minutes.”

Samuel Fleury
HR Manager

“The we advocacy platform is a great tool for easily harmonizing all of the group’s email signatures.”

Stella Nanecou
Communication Officer

Do not wait any longer ! Make your employees your best ambassadors