External communication solution

Innovate in your communication by using your employees’ email signatures as a powerful marketing channel

Centrally manage the email signatures of all your employees and add targeted marketing banners to communicate your news.

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Strengthen your brand image

Enhance your image and cultivate your employer brand by deploying professional and consistent signatures without any effort for your employees.

  Centralized signature management

  Seamless signature updates for employees

Deploy the solution quickly

Thanks to the synchronization with your directory (Azure AD, Azure local, Google Workspace), your employees’ information is automatically pre-populated and regularly updated.

  Daily synchronization of users and groups

  o365, Google Workspace compatible

Amplify your communication

Add banners under the email signatures of your teams and use their numerous email exchanges to relay your news: events, product launches, etc.

  Centralized management of banners under email signatures

  Each employee sends an average of 30 emails per day

Target the distribution of your banners

Optimize the impact of your campaigns by selecting the collaborators who will relay them and by targeting the recipients who will see the banners (customers, prospects, partners).

  Possibility to select the groups that will relay the banner in their signature

  Possibility to select the recipients who will see the banner (customers for example)

  Interfacing with a CRM tool

Follow in real time the performance of your banner campaigns

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns by analyzing the number of views, number of clicks and the click-through rate. Also identify which recipients clicked on your campaigns.

  Track the number of views

  Tracking the click-through rate

  Who is clicking?


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Make your employees your best ambassadors

Maximize the distribution of your news by involving your teams and monitor the impact of your various marketing campaigns