The Internal Communication Solution to engage your employees

An internal communication tool that promotes the dissemination of important information to all your employees, even those working remotely, through the use of innovative formats.

Full integration with Google Workspace & Microsoft 365

74% of employees complain about poor communication

Within companies, solutions such as intranets or corporate social networks are usually implemented.

Unfortunately, many employees complain about the lack of readability and the fact that they are not kept up to date on important news.


Only 13% of employees consider themselves involved in the life of their company


of employees are not satisfied with the way their company communicates with them


of employees say that lack of communication has a direct impact on their morale

Windows Notification

Share your important information at the right time

With we advocacy, you have the possibility to communicate with all your employees thanks to a high-performance notification system.

As soon as they log on in the morning, coffee in hand, your employees receive a notification directly on their computer. A great way to start the day!

  • 90% of employees read the information
  • 30% of employees interact with information
  • 86% of employees approve of this new mode of interaction

Mobile Notification

Share your information with all your employees without exception

Address all your employees without exception and bring your teams together, thanks to our high-performance mobile application.

In no time, send information directly to the cell phone of all your employees, even those at a distance, in the form of a notification: readability guaranteed.


we advocacy is the ideal complement to your existing tools (intranet, CSR)

With a few clicks, we advocacy allows you to highlight important information on your intranet or CSR and maximize its readability.

Polls and surveys

Create a dynamic exchange with your employees

With we advocacy, you can create surveys in just a few clicks and quickly gather feedback from your employees.

  • Simple or complex surveys
  • Company barometers
  • Guaranteed anonymity of employee responses


Track the impact of your communications in real time

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns with your employees by analyzing the number of views, clicks, click-through rates and identify the information shared that was deemed useful or useless by your employees.

Mobile application

Get your own white label mobile application

We advocacy offers you its white label mobile application.

Personalize your internal communication by offering your employees an application with your company’s name and colors.

Read our customer testimonials

“Since we advocacy has been in place, I have been approached by departments to get their message out in turn!”

Jean Philippe Ferrier
Group Marketing Director

“In 2 words: we advocacy, it’s a responsive and digital solution. I’m super happy with the tool.”

Johanna Arnault
Communication Officer

“I find the we advocacy solution very relevant, and especially for a company like ours.”

Julien Fambrini
Marketing Director

Communicate differently to share information