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Top 5 survey templates to work on customer relations

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In a quality approach, the customer relationship is an axis to be constantly improved in order to respond appropriately to the expectations of your customers. To achieve this, it is essential to evaluate your customer relationship through the implementation of polls campaign. Here are the top 5 survey templates to work on customer relations.

The poll with the Net Promoter Score

The customer relationship is also evaluated on the degree of loyalty of your customers. Thus, by sending them a poll of the Net Promoter Score type, commonly called NPS, you can firstly determine their level of satisfaction, but also their loyalty. This aspect is particularly important, especially in the context of recommending your company to relatives.

The survey to measure customer satisfaction

By sending a satisfaction questionnaire, you will be able to evaluate the opinion of your customers. After analyzing their answers, you will be able to identify their expectations and potential areas of improvement, and this at all levels (quality of products, service, responsiveness, … etc).

The survey to evaluate your customer service

In direct contact with your customers, the customer service must be able to provide them with the expected service. Whether it’s advice at the time of purchase or after-sales follow-up, your customer service is the first player in a successful customer experience. To improve its customer satisfaction performance, it should be evaluated through a satisfaction survey conducted on a sample or on all of your customer files.

The case of the B2B survey

Unlike individual consumers, business customers do not yet have the reflex to give their opinion on the quality of service offered by your company. To learn more about their feelings, but also their satisfaction, you will be required to set up a survey aimed solely at your B2B customers. More punctual and generally hot, this highly targeted satisfaction survey must of course be adapted to professionals. For this type of target audience, choose the maximum personalization in your approach, which enhances the value of your interlocutor.

The survey for your market research

The objective of a market study before the launch of a new product or a company is, unsurprisingly, to know and analyze the market in question. Among the techniques for a market study, we find the survey. Conducted one or more times, this survey gives you the opportunity to collect accurate data on the expectations of consumers, but also the potential of the chosen market.