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Top 5 white papers on well-being at work

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Well-being at work is currently a very trendy concept. Studies have indeed revealed its positive impact on the company. Here are the top 5 white papers that help to understand the benefits of well-being at work.

Well-being at work: an asset for the company

Sabine Pernet’s White Paper

Burnout causes significant damage. Whether on the private life of the worker or on his work and correlatively on the situation of the company. This book attempts to expose the negative effects of stress at work. He also brings ideas on improving the quality of life at work.

Simply improve the well-being of your employees!

Move your buddy white paper

The malaise at work of employees is very expensive for a company (12600 € per employee annually). In this book are exposed the consequences of the disengagement of the employees. There are also tips on how to solve this problem and develop a strong employer brand.

Well-being at work, performance factor?

Yuco White Papers

It is a catalog of programs aimed at developing skills and improving the well-being of employees. In fact, it has been established that the success of a company’s projects is based on the experience of collaborators. In addition, the success of a company depends on the well-being of employees. And as a bonus, it is an extraordinary instrument of cohesion.

Well being at work

Stanwell & One Conciergerie White Papers

It is a guide on the integration of well-being at work in the managerial practices and operational tools of the company. It results from a long study conducted with startups, companies and decision-makers. This book is a serious guide to the plethora of offers on the QVT improvement market.

Work outside the walls: Well-being and motivation

Edenred White Papers

The world of work is currently undergoing a great transformation with teleworking. But how to maintain internal communication with remote workers? And also how to prevent employees from stress. Indeed, remote work implies hyperconnection that gives an impression of work overload. The book gathers the answer of professionals on the subject.

In short, improving the quality of life of workers is a development lever for a company.

The white papers suggested above will guide companies looking for answers. Whether on how to improve the quality of life of its employees or how to cope with changes in the world of work.

In short, improving the quality of life of workers is a development lever for a company.