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2019 trends for your digital branding strategy

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The strategy of the company changes according to the environment in which the brand evolves. It is subject to trends. And in this regard, it is the digital brand strategy that is the most moving. What are the 2019 trends to adopt for its digital brand strategy? Presentation.

Social listening: addressing and resembling the targeted persona

Traditional advertising is definitely in decline. As a result, it is reinventing itself and relies on proximity. The new client acquisition strategy now involves integrating communities by identifying with targeted prospects. The idea is to make the most of the recommendation, on the principle of “who are alike come together”. The recommendation is also the most effective way to turn a lead into a customer. To achieve this goal, the brand must focus on producing valuable content, rather than mass.

Voice or voice command on the front line

Communication must now be adapted for voice search. Connected technologies, including voice assistants, are revolutionizing optimization for SEO. The queries, and therefore the keywords, become full sentences, more directive and intentional. The answer must be in line with this new style of request: concise, precise and direct. The brand’s communications must be adapted to mobile tools such as smartphones or tablets.

Advocacy in your communication strategies

The digital world is vast and consists of multiple communities on different social networks. The groups are more numerous, but smaller. Communication is therefore now more targeted, personalized to the maximum. Here we find the importance of the recommendation, the cooptation, to integrate a community and to be audible and visible. All means are good to talk about its brand, by controlling at least the relayed communication to minimize a possible bad buzz. The social networks of customers, employees and partners are more and more timely communication channels to convey more authenticity and engage employees.

Video and lives in the top of the best content

More than ever, video makes it stand out. But especially live video, is gaining momentum. It’s about being always closer to your customers. These plebiscite this media, appreciated for the spontaneity and authenticity it provides. The live stream is also a way to respond to the desire of customers to be actors in the life of the company. On social networks, it’s a way to animate your community and to unite it. It is part of a loyalty strategy. Another advantage of weight: the content consumed in video is better retained than a written support, even an article on the site of the brand or on a blog.

Data management in your acquisition strategy

The strategy of acquiring new customers is also being refined. Qualified leads are privileged. They are found through the analysis and cross-checking of all the data that can be collected. The data thus becomes a real decision-making aid, to sharpen one’s acquisition strategies.
The digital brand strategy therefore remains in constant evolution. In 2019, word of mouth is the key. Communication is more interactive than ever with live video, communities of influence, sharing and collaboration. It is also very refined, almost individualized.

External Communication

Your collaborators become your best ambassadors