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The signature mail allows you to better present yourself as well as to provide your contact details or to advertise your business. It is also very convenient to add a graphical note at the end of your email messages.

As a reminder, the email signature is simply the text message written at the bottom of each of your emails sent. In general, you can find the information that is written in the header of a paper letter as well as a graphic banner.

Your digital business card: the signature mail

Creating a corporate signature can ideally replace a traditional business card. Your email signature at the end of an e-mail allows you to highlight your personal details such as your phone, a company address, your professional e-mail or a fax number.
The mail signature is perfect for graphic optimization and brings a nice and attractive visual effect.

Implement a personalized mail signature (html)

For a perfect presentation of your company or your services, it is possible to completely personalize your signature by implementing it in html format in a dedicated application. Thanks to this method, for code enthusiasts, as well, you ensure a beautiful unique signature and the image of your graphic.

An original and effective communication tool

Why not make your company signature a marketing weapon? Every day, you use your e-mails to communicate with your collaborators and partners who, for their part, do the same. All these e-mails speak about your professional activity, your company.

The professional signature, in conclusion, plays a leading role. It is both vector of information and business card. It’s also a good way to invite the reader to discover your business.

You need to know that an optimized corporate signature can motivate interactions with your partners. To put it simply, it’s an important part of your marketing strategy to never underestimate.

The content of the signature mail

Do you regularly write emails and wish to have your professional email?

A mail signature always contains the following elements:

  • professional contact details: website, business phone, mobile phone and business address.
  • identity: no, first name, function in the company or name of your department.

It is also possible to enrich it with additional elements:

  • profile picture or company logo
  • social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • information sharing: blog, YouTube videos, etc …

A signature email design

To create a signature email design, two options are available to you. First, you can choose to create your email signature by using predefined templates.

As a second choice, you can delegate the creation of your signature company to a graphic designer or a web agency. This choice will save you a lot of time and ensures you an irreproachable quality for your signature mail.

Add an email banner to strengthen your communication

An email banner can add a unique visual identity: the choice of a logo, colors, fonts and a message will strengthen your communication with your recipients and all your professional partners.

A marketing asset that has become unavoidable!

Email Signature

Benefit from harmonized email signatures