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Employee engagement the new key success factor

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What is employee engagement

The commitment of employees in the company is measured by their attitudes and feelings in their workplace, but especially by what they accomplish to achieve the objectives of the company. Nowadays, this commitment of employees to their business occupies an important place and greatly influences the performance of the company. To better understand this measure, we can classify employees into three categories:

  • Committed employees: those who are motivated and do their utmost for the good of their company.
  • The disengaged employees: those who are not motivated and will tend to prevent the company from achieving its objectives.
  • Employees neither engaged nor disengaged: those who are rather passive, not seeking to achieve the objectives, without hindering the progress of the company.

For a business to work well, it’s important to understand the importance of employee engagement.

The stakes of employee advocacy

The big companies in Silicon Valley have understood this: the more employees feel good about their workplace, the stronger their commitment to the company. However, in France it seems that this commitment of employees is still lagging, which would tend to serve businesses, who would have everything to gain by transforming their employees into true ambassadors of the image of the company.
Indeed, many studies show the importance of a good engagement strategy, for an optimal functioning of the company. It is therefore necessary to know how to retain its promising employees so that they offer their best commitment, but also that they make the company more attractive for potential recruitments, but also for its customers!

We know that a good commitment of the employees makes them much more productive, with a much less chance to leave their company. All this brings a clear increase in turnover, and a better experience for customers, who feel much more heard and understood.
This may seem very simple, but if an employee feels good in his position and his business, he will be better able to give everything to achieve his personal goals, and his business.

Some tips to make your employees the best ambassadors

Often what interests an employee the most is the salary. In fact, your employees will feel much more valued if they feel they are getting a salary commensurate with the quality and the amount of work they provide. In addition, this will tend to create even more commitment at home, if they feel that the company cares about their needs.

A “common project” of company also allows employees to feel involved in the vision of the company, and thus to unite the group around it. With a common and specific vocabulary, employees will have a more “family” image of the company. This cement will build as and when a strong corporate culture, and that can become a key factor of success of the company.
Obviously, the essential point remains the working conditions, whether it concerns schedules, or the atmosphere between colleagues. Seminars, formal or informal meetings will build team links, and in the long run reduce absenteeism and disengagement.

Internal Communication

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