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How to involve your employees in corporate communication?

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Today it is essential to gather your employees around the communication strategy of your company. Indeed, whether it is a small or medium-sized company or a multinational, successful communication can increase its activity. In order to develop it sustainably, employees are your best allies. How to successfully involve your employees in the communication of your company?

How to involve your employees in your communication strategy?

To ensure the commitment of your employees in the internal and external communication of your organization, it is essential to ensure that their motivation is at the rendezvous. Indeed, employees with little or no motivation will not be inclined to communicate positively around your company. In addition, a true sense of belonging must be built around a strong corporate or sector culture.
Of course, the messages you convey must be in line with the values ​​of the company and its internal policy, but also the values ​​of your employees, hence the importance of publishing consistent messages.
Beyond engaging a communication strategy within the company, it is necessary to give employees the keys that will enable them to positively promote the company via the various communication channels used. To do this, the HR manager must be involved in order to coordinate all the strategic areas of communication at the level of the employees involved.

Your employees are your best ambassadors

Happy employees at work will be your best ambassadors. Indeed, fully involved and believers in the strong messages conveyed by the company, they will naturally position themselves as ambassadors of the brand.
It is therefore important to involve them fully in the planned communication strategy and to give them the means to participate. To succeed in the communication of your company by your employees, you must therefore implement an internal approach that will not aim to promote the company by employees but rather the planning of a team engagement strategy. Indeed, commitment is very often synonymous with communication.

Social networks, a lever for the commitment of your employees

Social networks are a must-have communication channel that is very popular with companies around the world. With infinite visibility, social networks are an exceptional lever for the commitment of your employees. To achieve this, you must, of course, allow employees to access them from their workstation.
While the expression is completely free, employees are sometimes hesitant when it comes to communicating about their company. In order to remove this barrier, it is recommended to create a charter that will help them to communicate serenely and especially in an appropriate way. In order for all employees to commit themselves, all the actors of the company must be present and active on social networks. From the CEO to the field agent, all employees must participate. Not surprisingly, you need to provide your employees with consistent content to share. That’s why you have to regularly feed the company’s social networks. For this to be productive, it is advisable to organize a sort of monthly contest that will reward the employee who has communicated the most during the month.
Essential for a company, its communication strategy must be part of an internal process that involves its employees throughout the year.

External Communication

Your collaborators become your best ambassadors