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How to make a satisfaction survey?

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It represents a reliable way of knowing the level of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction: the satisfaction questionnaire must be cleverly designed to provide relevant answers.

A question of satisfaction, pledge of customer loyalty

No matter what sector your company operates in, whether your customers are happy with your products or services, there’s nothing like asking them directly. In fact, rather than letting them express their opinions on social networks, submitting a customer satisfaction questionnaire will allow you to anticipate them. It’s a subtle way of valuing them and at the same time valorising your brand. defuse possible discontent and thus retain them. The answers provided will then allow you to fine-tune and, if necessary, your offers so that they better meet their expectations and requirements.

The development and deployment of a satisfaction questionnaire

Easier said than done, the development of this customer relationship tool, requires some expertise. From its conception to the collection of the answers provided through its diffusion, various stages are necessary.
The first is the creation of the questionnaire which must include closed and open questions and multiple choices of answers so that people can answer them freely and quickly.

Then there is the tweaking of its design for an online publication, integration into an email or banner or on the company website. It is also advisable to group the questions under several themes and add a progress bar or pagination.
Online dissemination to targets must be preceded by a test to ensure its proper functioning. You have to choose the right distribution channels according to customer habits and your persona marketing. This can be the company’s website, Facebook page or other social networks, its application, etc. In a more original way, you can also integrate your questionnaires into your mail signatures in the form of a banner in order to arouse more curiosity and increase your response rates.

The analysis of the results is then the last step. It allows drawing conclusions that can be shared with the relevant departments of the company. Adopting corrective actions that are needed allows customers to feel even more valued, therefore, more satisfied.

The creation of the online satisfaction survey

Although satisfaction measurement software currently exists, you can always draw up your list of questions yourself. To do this, define the main lines on which they will be based: customer service, delivery, order management, etc.

Do the same for the evaluation criteria collected upstream by a preliminary survey that helped identify expectations. Then add the elements with which to classify the clients surveyed and choose the types of questions that are sufficiently relevant to obtain clear and rapid answers. In function, you can elaborate the questionnaire of satisfaction on line while not forgetting to integrate an introduction, a main block and a conclusion. Then test it on a small number of people to find out if their questions are easy to understand and answer. The goal is to reap the maximum of answers.

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