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The benefits of your online satisfaction surveys

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To facilitate decision-making and refine strategy, a company needs to regularly gather feedback from customers on a given subject and at the moment. For this, the dissemination of a satisfaction questionnaire remains the most effective way. What are the benefits of online satisfaction surveys? Presentation.

How to effectively implement an online questionnaire?

To probe its target, several solutions can be implemented by the company, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.
It is possible to proceed by a phoning campaign. However, it is necessary to mobilize several collaborators to overcome the file. It is difficult to reach all the targets by telephone and it is necessary to regularly renew the outgoing calls, often at odd hours. The survey can also be sent by mail. However, the return rate is often very low because the paper questionnaire is considered advertising.
Finally, it is possible to carry out a satisfaction questionnaire online. It is through this method of communication that the satisfaction survey is the fastest to implement, that it is the most consulted and that the company gets its best response rate.

The benefits to shape your customer relationships or customer experience

Customers are increasingly looking to become actors and decision-makers in the businesses they trust. The online satisfaction survey is fully in relationship marketing.

A smaller budget for your online surveys

The online customer satisfaction questionnaire requires a budget less than an outgoing call campaign or a mailing. Phoning requires the mobilization of a large number of collaborators over a long period of time and on often off-beat time slots. In addition to the mailing costs of printing and shipping that quickly raise the budget. Overcoming these constraints, surveying customers with a dematerialized satisfaction survey is much less expensive for the company.

Investments in limited time

Opting for an online satisfaction survey also saves time in the creation of the form, in the sending of the survey and to the satisfaction, during the analysis of the results. It is sufficient to create a questionnaire in the form of a computer file, link its relational marketing campaign to the target listing of its CRM and wait for customer feedback, whose analysis will be facilitated by computer tools. No more printing delays, postal delays, phoning sessions until late at night and tedious analysis of answers.

Various templates to customize and target your satisfaction surveys

To meet the target, the customer satisfaction survey must be targeted and personalized. Its model, its design, its editorial style, must be adapted to the target. Otherwise, the return rate will be low and the responses obtained non-exploitable. A dematerialized survey allows endless presentations for online customer satisfaction surveys.
Satisfaction questionnaires have become full-fledged relational marketing tools. Infinitely customizable, they provide business-critical information at a lower cost, with an exceptional response rate compared to other survey methods.

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