Tips for creating your business email signatures

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In your professional activity, you send and receive dozens and dozens of mails per day. An essential element for a successful email is a professional, beautiful and effective email signature. Discover, in this article, all the best practices to create your corporate email signatures.

Choose the content of your email signature

Obviously, the first element to take into account when creating your email signature: its content. Some information is essential and necessary for your signature mail: your name, your first name, your function and the name of the company will be the prerequisites. But it’s up to you to think of all that you can then add: phone number, links to a website or to social networks, for example.
Avoid exceeding 4 – 5 lines of text, because beyond, you drown the information. You can already eliminate your email address from the content of your signature. Your recipients will be able to see your address directly in the header of the mail.

Treat your visual identity

Beyond the content, it is important to look after the visual and aesthetics of your email signature. Use the colors of your graphic chart to highlight the important elements. The visual identity of your signature will transmit your image to your interlocutors and reflect it.
You can also add an image: your company logo or your portrait photo. Know that a photo of you will mark much more your interlocutors.
Occasionally, you can also add banners to your email signature to sponsor your upcoming events, your current promotions, etc. Your email signature can become a full-fledged communication channel. Think of exploiting it.
You now have all the tips you need to create a good professional email signature. Let your creativity speak, it’s up to you to play.