Reinforce your visual identity with a banner in your email signature

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The signature company also called mail signature is wrongly too often under-optimized. Yet, it is a powerful marketing tool for your brand. Between exchange with suppliers, customer support, email marketing, a company has a lot to gain from integrating a neat mail signature. Never forget that the mail from start to finish reflects your brand image. Each element is important …

The mail banner: a communication medium

E-mail through its content but also in its form is a communication channel widely used by companies, start-ups and independents. It participates directly to give a good or bad impression to your recipient. This is why you must learn to communicate by email in an irreproachable way.
Remember that the email signature and the content of the message should be used to convey your information clearly. Besides a beautiful company signature brings a visual that promotes the attention of the reader.

The company signature: An informative and visual communication medium

When a company sends an email to a partner, a customer or a prospect better adopt a professional tone and visual. As for the rest of your e-marketing strategy, the company signature must adapt to your recipient. This is why it is particularly relevant to have several email signatures. For B2B, for customers, for an e-mailing campaign, for after-sales service, for your employees … Each email signature must provide the necessary information to identify you but also to contact you quickly.

How to create a beautiful, effective banner to communicate your brand image?

The creation of an email banner in the signature can be entrusted to a graphic designer. This is certainly the best option to have a professional rendering.
If you are more of the kind handmade and do it yourself, finally courageous, you will take care nevertheless to respect some basic instructions to achieve a signature mail favorable to your brand image. Nothing very difficult but the work is time-consuming and the slightest approximation discredits your professionalism.

Sort and select the information to embed in your email signature

The first mistake to avoid is overloading the banner. You must always select only the essential information for your company signature. Note also that the information will not be the same if the recipient is a customer or a provider for example.
You can also add links as an icon for your social networks and for your website.

The design or strength of the signature mail

Everything is played mainly from a visual point of view. The integration of the logo, the calibration of the main elements, the choice of the fonts, the integration of the vectorial images are techniques which make it possible to single your creation.
You also have to be a little creative to create a beautiful mail banner.
Here are some good practices for creating your signatures and mail banners to convey your image effectively and professionally.
In addition, finally, ensure that all your employees have the same signature mail and a consistent banner. Indeed, homogeneity is a major criterion to ensure more credibility and professionalism.