What dimensions for an effective email signature?

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In recent years, we have seen many changes due to digitalization processes in companies. Among these is the electronic signature. These are billions of emails that are exchanged daily. Whether between individuals, between companies or between individuals and businesses, the signature begins to gradually establish itself as a communication tool. In order to make efficient use of it, it is important to know the characteristics that a good email signature must have. But before discovering the elements that go into the design of a mail signature, let us dwell on the good reasons to have a professional email signature.

The signature mail: a communication tool

We will start by reminding the omnipresence of the mails in the life of all citizens a little bit on the web and having an email address. Statistics show more than 200 billion emails (except those that are spammed) exchanged every day. On average, a user receives nearly 40 emails each day. Email has become an important communication channel. Whether in the personal or professional setting, we receive emails and we send them too. Particularly in the professional context, it is of particular importance. It is present in mailing campaigns and companies do not hesitate to make it a place of choice in their webmarketing strategy. Like his handwritten counterpart, the electronic signature is placed at the end of a message. It gives your prospect a last strong and positive impression. It also strengthens the visual identity of your business.

A signature design to prevent spam

When sending an email, there are two scenarios that can be realized. Be the recipient receives the message as it should, or the mail is filtered by the antispam software recipient, in this case the mail is not displayed in the recipient’s inbox. Although many criteria are relevant to the deliverability of an email, the electronic signature is part of the authentication standards that increases the chances that the recipient will receive the message.

Characteristics of a good email signature

Overall, a signature that represents your company’s email banner must meet three quality criteria that are:

  • Usefulness: the elements constituting the signature must have a specific purpose and a character that is relevant to the recipient. The signature must be concise, consistent and contain only the elements with added value.
  • Creativity: as a visual communication medium, it must reflect the values ​​and the image of the company.
  • Responsibility: all the recipients of your mail do not read it from the same medium. If the use wants the mails are consulted from his computer, more and more Internet users open their mailbox from their smartphone. The mail signature must therefore be displayed and be legible, regardless of the medium.

As for the technical characteristics of the signature, they are:

  • Size 600 x 250 px
  • Weight ≤ 120 Ko

Constituent elements a signature mail

The signature mail acts as a digital business card. As such, it must provide information to the recipient about the company and you. We can therefore include: your first and last name, the name of the company, the different phone numbers, the URL of sites / blogs.
You can still add other professional elements such as the presence on social networks with the different icons leading to your accounts, a timely communication on an upcoming event, an invitation to discover a project already done by you, at s to subscribe to your newsletter, etc.

The logo in the signature mail

You wonder about the presence of a banner in the signature? Know that it is possible to add the logo of your company or why not your photo to make identification easier and strengthen your visual identity as a sender.
However, it will be necessary to avoid using font sizes that are too different, a wide range of colors, warnings, reminders, contact information on an image, disclaimers, etc.
Overall, the email signature must be simple and practical without losing creativity.

Email Signature

Benefit from harmonized email signatures