Internal Communication Offer

Radically change the way you communicate with your employees


Communicate and collaborate effectively with all your collaborators.

starting at


per person, per month


Offer an innovative and modern approach to communicate and exchange with your employees

With we advocacy, nearly 90% of your employees will finally read the information wherever they are.

Deploy the solution easily and effortlessly with integrations to platforms like Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Overview of the features of we advocacy

Internal Communication Offer

starting at $1.7 per person and per month

Communicate effectively

Change the way you communicate with your teams. Over 90% of employees read information and 30% interact with it.

Create an unlimited number of notifications

Publish multimedia content

Access over 50 notification templates

Track the performance of your communications in real time (views, click-through rates, etc.)

Address all your employees

Share information with all your employees whether they are connected or disconnected.

Mobile application ios & android

No need for an email address to connect / use an access code

Interact with your employees

Regularly solicit the opinions of your employees and engage in a continuous improvement process.

Unlimited creation of surveys

Unlimited creation of company barometers for a regular pulse check

Detailed reporting of results

Deploy in a few clicks

we advocacy is integrated with all major platforms for easy deployment.

o365 and Google Workspace synchronization

No training required for all employees

Support for teams to quickly get to grips with the solution


Manage your online communication through a simple and ergonomic interface

2FA authentication to access the administration console

Management of groups and users

Possibility to delegate part of the administration

Role management

Support & customer service

Benefit from support and guidance throughout your project

Create an unlimited number of tickets

Receive answers within 48 hours

Telephone support from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

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we advocacy allows you to distribute information efficiently to all your employees. Make sure you reach all your employees, whether they work remotely or at production sites.

Discover how Fitness Park Group succeeded in revitalizing its internal communication by involving its employees. The use of playful and interactive formats favors the appropriation of information.

Did you know? The estimated cost of employee disengagement for a company of 100 people is an average of 1 million euros/year, or 28% of the payroll. Discover the 5 keys to a successful employee experience.

The employee survey has become a new managerial tool, to take the pulse of the teams. These different surveys allow us to monitor well-being in the workplace, which is a key success factor.