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4 Email Banner Templates for Euro 2021

By June 2, 2021November 29th, 2021No Comments
4 email banner templates for the Euro 2021

In the run-up to the Euro soccer championships, we advocacy offers various types of banner emails to support and encourage your favorite team.

Unite your employees around sporting events

Download the banners for the Euro Cup 2021

We advocacy gives the opportunity to download 4 free web banner templates to support our French team. 💪

Download Here

Email banners to unite teams around sporting events

“Sport is part of the heritage of every man and woman and nothing can ever make up for its absence.”

This inspiring quote from Pierre de Coubertin, creator of the modern Olympic Games, gives us the opportunity to remind ourselves of the extent to which sport is a unifying element in companies.

Sports events allow you to gather and create a dynamic with your employees on other subjects than work. It is an opportunity to take a break and spend a good time with your colleagues.

Contrary to what some companies might think, this is an excellent opportunity to improve the social climate of the company and not a hindrance to productivity. These moments of conviviality and sharing are synonymous with “letting go” on the part of all teams and are fully in line with a QWL (Quality of Life at Work) approach.

Share intense and unifying moments with your employees, around events and sporting values: each sporting event outside the company becomes a unifying internal event!


Create your own email banners to inform about sports events using the Canva button

For some time now, the Canva editing button is available to design quality banners and integrate them into your email signature campaigns. Get inspired by the available templates and/or let your creativity run wild.

Integrated automatically under the email signature, the banner will be seen by all recipients. Concluding a message by announcing the reading of an email with the announcement of a sports event is a good way to show that corporate communication is not only intended for news and internal events specific to the company. It is also there to highlight initiatives or values that the company adheres to and that have meaning for the employees.

Every event is good for animating internal communication and creating links between employees. The Euro 2021 Cup is an opportunity to support the blue team by organizing predictions, quizzes on the teams and even team building!


Customize your own banners to make predictions

The integration of banners in email signatures are a real CTA (call to action) to encourage your employees to make their predictions. Combined with a dedicated prediction tool or simply with a shared tracking table, this allows you to create excitement among your employees.

Predicting as a team allows you to create links on lighter subjects, outside the strictly professional framework. It is during these moments that teams take a stand for their team and that individuals get to know each other. Of course, all employees have strong opinions and it’s also a way to laugh and have a good laugh during games. But be careful not to cross the line ;).

Once again, team prognosis is a good unifying activity, easy to organize and a change from traditional team building. It allows employees to challenge each other in a friendly context, beyond their function, or even their hierarchical relationships. There are very good tools to forecast and challenge teams internally. Among them, we discovered Scorecast Business.


Make internal predictions with Scorecast Business to animate and federate your teams

We recently discovered Scorecast Business, a company that provides a platform to easily organize predictions to engage and federate teams around sporting events.

This platform is accessible to everyone and downloadable on mobile. What’s more, it can be fully customized according to the company’s visual identity.

Nothing could be simpler than to make predictions at any time of the day.

Forget that you’re in the company for the duration of a game and create spontaneous interactions to strengthen the bond: Scorecast Business is committed to improving employee engagement around convivial moments!


Notifications to inform teams in real time

We advocacy is not only a platform for managing email signatures and banner campaigns. It’s also a platform that offers features to boost your internal communications through notifications.

Controlled and administered by your teams, notifications arrive directly on the employee’s interface (web or mobile browser). Each participant can follow the results and the ranking of the predictors.

If sports events federate teams and contribute to the social climate of the company, notifications are an excellent channel to:

  • Engage employees on upcoming predictions
  • Relaying quizzes on the latest games played
  • Inform about victories and defeats
  • Communicate on the next “after work” and the location of the upcoming games

You are free to choose the tool that suits you best to relay your sports events, be creative 😉


External Communication

Enhance your image by having consistent and professional signatures and capitalize on your collaborators’ emails to relay your content.

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External Communication

Enhance your image by having consistent and professional signatures and capitalize on your collaborators’ emails to relay your content.

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