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Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction survey: at the heart of customer relations

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What is the main driver of the success of a business, an SME, a VSE? The answer is explicit: the clientele. When it expresses satisfaction, customers trust the brand more and the company then registers better loyalty. Also, word of mouth brings new customers and by snowball effect the company improves its turnover and its reputation.
In order to accurately assess the level of satisfaction of its customers, the company has every interest in regularly offering satisfaction surveys.
Let’s see concretely, how to conduct a satisfaction survey to obtain relevant information about the customer relationship business.

Definition of customer satisfaction

A satisfaction survey is an essential marketing tool to measure the degree of satisfaction of your customers (expressed with the NPS indicator). Its objective is also to prevent your customers from engaging with your competitors.
To put it very simply, a satisfaction survey is based on a method of knowing whether your customers appreciate your services, your products or your seller’s services. Very often, it uses a satisfaction questionnaire allowing a client to express their opinion on what your company offers. The results obtained are analyzed and serve as a basis for improving relationship marketing.

Why do satisfaction surveys?

In 2019, the vast majority of companies use the satisfaction questionnaire, but some still doubt its effectiveness. However, the benefits of a customer satisfaction survey are real and allow us to better understand customer expectations.

Know the reasons for satisfaction or dissatisfaction

A customer satisfaction survey is primarily used to identify sources of dissatisfaction and the reasons for customer satisfaction with the intention of improving the marketing process.

Build customer loyalty by questioning their satisfaction

By offering a satisfaction questionnaire, your company, in addition to being attentive, shows its customers that their opinion is important. In turn, customers appreciate your attention and more easily initiate a customer-business relationship based on mutual trust.
Behind this exchange, it is of course the loyalty process that is directly concerned.

Analyze customer expectations

A customer satisfaction survey makes it possible to probe the expectations of your potential buyers. By deciphering the answer, it will be easier for a company to offer new services in line with what customers are looking for.
A satisfaction questionnaire will then allow anticipation of market developments in the medium and long term.

Mistakes to avoid in customer relationship management

For an optimized customer relationship, some mistakes are to be avoided.

An impersonal customer relationship

A company must be aware that each customer has their own expectations, their own needs. That is why it is important to build a personal relationship with each client.

Do not ask for customer feedback

A client likes to feel heard. For this, it is important to ask with a customer satisfaction survey, the opinion of your customers. In English, we talk about feedback.

Ignore customers and prospects

You must communicate regularly with your customers: newsletter, satisfaction questionnaire, information on a product or service. Today, the company listens to its customers.


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External Communication

Enhance your image by having consistent and professional signatures and capitalize on your collaborators’ emails to relay your content.

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