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Return to business: Take the pulse of your teams

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With the desire to stay by your side in this period of deconfinement, we advocacy provides the solution dedicated to employee surveys

A number of our clients recently told us of their need to regularly survey their teams in this period of transition where work habits are once again disrupted.

Indeed, a study conducted by a French union recently showed a significant increase in psychosocial risks among workers. This helps to realize that recovery cannot be seen “as before”. Each one having lived a different experience but no less trying.

The challenge here is to recreate links with employees, but also to take care of the teams by regularly measuring their well-being and their feelings.

We are all imagining, shaping “the world after” to use the expression. For us, the world after is characterized by a particularly benevolence that we must show, in order to work, flourish and move forward again together.

Thanks to we advocacy: Take the pulse of your teams effectively

Benefit from a simple tool and various models of essential HR questions to ask your employees.

Pass your surveys by respecting the key factors: anonymization, recurrence and speed.

Make sure that all teams participate and respond to your surveys by adapting to their habits and by distributing the survey via several channels: SMS, Email and Pop-up

Follow in real time all the results and key indicators (participation rate, engagement, well-being, etc.), depending on each of your questions and in a manner adapted to your organization.

During this recovery period, we offer you the opportunity to test our employee survey solution

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