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Customer experience: Definition and challenges

By February 13, 2020November 16th, 2021No Comments

Customer experience has become the new priority for companies. We pay attention to the measurement of the supposed issues, which are decisive for the development of the company. However, the contours of this marketing concept remain unclear. How to define the customer experience and what are the real challenges? Presentation.

What is the customer experience?

The customer experience is at the heart of the company’s relationship marketing strategy. It is a question for the company of proposing to its prospects and its customers a particular, advanced relationship, which they will remember favorably, with the desire to renew it and to share it. It endeavors to assess the satisfaction of a customer with regard to the consumption of a product or a service of the company, but also his feelings as for the brand image conveyed. towards businesses is becoming stronger. They want to be informed, recognized with personalized offers, to influence internal decisions. More than ever, consumers are becoming players in the life of businesses.
Providing a positive customer experience requires managing the customer relationship at all times, reactivity in decision-making and communication.
As such, it is both a strategy for acquiring new customers and a loyalty strategy. It is based on several levers, but it is always oriented towards the emotions and impressions of the client. The customer experience is concerned with the complete journey of the consumer, from his prospect status to that of customer. The pre-sales, the sales and the after-sales are analyzed and perfected according to the customers’ feelings.
The search for information, accessibility to the store, delivery methods, time spent on the site, shopping cart, product quality, brand loyalty, after-sales service … everything is scrutinized to be analyzed then refined and corrected.
The difficulty comes from the fact that, by definition, the feeling is specific to each. In addition, the perception of the customer experience can change quickly, subject to changes in consumer needs and expectations, moods, trends …
Hence the need for the company to be reactive and proactive. Its notoriety, its brand image, the loyalty and development of its customer portfolio, its turnover and therefore its sustainability are at stake.

The keys to successful customer relationship management

Customer relationship management is a complex area but the company has every interest in mastering it. She must be interested in several factors to build and manage her customer relationship.

Develop relationship strategies

The customer experience is very evolving. It is essential for the company to include customer relationship management in its overall strategy so that it can be well managed. The customer experience requires a permanent monitoring activity, a dedicated communication plan. Identifying referents at different levels is also important in order to be able to react and facilitate decision-making.
Because of the different challenges it represents, customer relationship management turns out to be a cross-cutting area of ​​development activities (commercial services, marketing) and loyalty activities (customer relations services, after-sales service, complaints).

Define your buyer persona

Knowing your target is essential to offer them a customer experience. Marketing surveys and surveys of prospects and customers help paint the portrait of the persona. Based on this typical profile, the company will be able to define its commercial strategy and the broad outlines of the ideal customer experience.

Survey clients regularly

Conducting surveys with customers allows them to collect their perception of the customer experience at a given time. Customer surveys are therefore to be renewed regularly.
Data can be collected hot or cold. It is invaluable in defining its business strategy and facilitates decision-making. Several types of survey can be used by companies.

Build a comprehensive communication plan

Communication to and with its customers is a pillar of the customer experience. It aims to inform, inform, defuse situations of conflict, increase awareness. The communication plan should include actions on social networks. Widely consulted, they have become essential in terms of communication. It’s about creating your own communities but also integrating others when your brand is mentioned.

The ambassador employees

Consumers are increasingly sensitive to social issues. The recognition and well-being at work of the company’s employees is important to them. Making employees ambassadors of employees sends a strong and useful message for the customer experience. The brand image has grown, it is a significant means of loyalty and development.

Innovate and stand out

The customer experience is all the more appreciated when it is unique and memorable. To make a positive impression, the company must have a clean and assertive identity. This leaves it with considerable room for maneuver to differentiate itself from its competitors and innovate.

Stay in permanent standby

The customer experience is not something frozen. Putting monitoring tools in place allows you to adapt as best as possible to changes in the expectations of your target, your persona. It can also be a way to sense trends and anticipate their evolution. The company must be ready to question itself at any time, never taking anything for granted.
The company must also invest in the training of its personnel so that the information conveyed is fair and reliable.

Without a client, there is no business. This has always been at the heart of concerns. But the customer experience, the complexity and importance of which companies now measure, has given it an even more important place and role. The desire for personalization, individual recognition, sharing of ideals, has revolutionized the way of consuming. A multitude of data now come into consideration in the perception of customers vis-à-vis brands and impact their choices. The customer experience impacts and mobilizes all of the company’s services.


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External Communication

Enhance your image by having consistent and professional signatures and capitalize on your collaborators’ emails to relay your content.

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